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KSD Advisory Board

Click here for the KSD Advisory Board Nomination Form

Next Advisory Board meeting to be held May 9, 2024 at 6pm in Kerr Hall.

Establishment of the KSD Advisory Board

The KSD Advisory Board was established under KRS 167.037, which states:

The board shall act in an advisory capacity to assist the school superintendent in conducting the activities of the school. The board shall also make recommendations to the chief state school officer concerning all areas relating to the effective operation of the school, including but not limited to:

  • (a) Goals and objectives,
  • (b) Budget requests,
  • (c) Student services,
  • (d) Public relations,
  • (e) Construction and maintenance,
  • (f) Program evaluation.


Requirements of the KSD Advisory Board

  • The Board shall have nine members appointed by the Kentucky Board of Education upon recommendation of the chief state school officer.
  • A member may serve no more than two consecutive years as Chairman.
  • Members shall be appointed for regular terms of four years.
  • Advisory board members shall be appointed from nominations submitted by the:
    • Kentucky Association of the Deaf Inc.
    • The Parent-Teacher-Cottage Parent Association
    • The Kentucky School for the Deaf Alumni Association Inc.
    • The Kentucky Association of School Administrators
    • The chief state school officer


Stipulations for membership of the KSD Advisory Board

Membership of the Advisory Board:

  • shall be statewide and shall consist of:
    • two (2) parents of deaf children,
    • one (1) professional in education of the deaf,
    • one (1) former student of the Kentucky School for the Deaf,
    • one (1) member of the Kentucky Association for the Deaf,
    • two (2) members who shall represent school districts,
    • two (2) members at large.
  • A majority of the board's membership shall be persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.